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My previous seven are listed (linked) below and are well worth looking at.
Each website, like this one, has just over 100 sonnets on them, so one or a few at a time, is advisable.

I have now written over 5,000 sonnets in the last 13 years.
I am probably the most prolific poet in the English language at present (as far as I know), and I think a considerable degree of quality is contained in these I display. Some may be controversial. I hope, thought-provoking. I regard it as ‘poet’s licence’ to apply this if he or she likes.

This particular website is really two websites in one.
The first 45 sonnets were done in the first eight weeks of the coronavirus coming to the UK, including during lockdown. It is like a ‘virus’ diary in sonnets. The second set of poems are older ones I have termed Sonnet Survivors. Apart from a couple of introductory ones and another couple at the end, there are 60 in 6 categories (so 10 in each).

I hope you find that there is one or more on this website which you enjoy reading, or which is meaningful to you.
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The Sonnet Man.


I have now written over 5,000 sonnets in the last 13 years.
Just over 1000 of those can be read on my 10 websites.


A Sonnet is a poem, but with a specific structure and derives from the Italian word “sonnetto”, meaning “little song”.

Mine follow the pattern of 14 lines, 10 syllables a line,
and the rhyming pattern for verses of    –    abab   cdcd   efef   gg.

If you like words, word games and poetry, try constructing a sonnet on such a basis for yourself. Good luck.


Like the sonnets on my other websites, the ones on this one are my intellectual property.
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provided they are accredited to The Sonnet Man or the relevant website address.

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It must have a short life, a pathogen
of the infectious coronavirus.
Rapid reproduction, it managing,
but overwhelmingly inside of us.

And when the body dies, it will die too.
The story of its life; spread, damage, die.
Some of its creed, try to find someone new.
But each, on the body it’s in, rely.

If survive, trace of the cell will remain,
showing it was there, before it perished.
Will not last long on dead body domain,
Once it’s caused its host to be extinguished.

No sympathy, though, for microbe from me.
To humans, it’s a deadly enemy.