Is it a pangolin caused pandemic?
Or fruit bats, then from one to the other.
On to humans to become endemic.
Coronavirus, the world discovers.

That wet market illegally trading
in rare and exotic wild animals,
anyway contributes to them failing, …
extinction … , and now the disease appals.

Pangolins, anteaters covered with shells
similar to our finger and toe nails,
contains something like the virus’s cells.
Transmission, perhaps, from these animals,

whether when handled, traded or eaten.
Into the world, the deadly excretion.


Pers’nal Protective Equipment. In short,
PPE. Includes facemasks, gloves and gowns.
Medically needed so nothing caught;
no serious illness that is around.

Insufficient supply, so running out.
Consequence of lack of preparedness.
Not safe, care functions and treatments, without.
Dangerous, in face of infectiousness.

The cloaks have to be fluid-resistant.
Not meant to be re-used repeatedly.
But stocks at the front-line insufficient,
putting nurses at risk unreas’nably.

There is criticism, obviously,
of government’s failure on PPE.

WHIRLWIND. (About the virus without the virus.)

Indicative of a downward spiral.
A whirlwind as if top down, the swirling.
Strength of the gusts are undesirable.
In the wrong place with this one occurring.

Force, all the way up, irresistible.
Swept off one’s feet below, and dragged distance.
Thrown, so fly in way unpredictable.
The danger that pushed down with insistence.

Sudden circumstance like a tornado.
A hurricane, still strong, slow moving on.
So shaken, all can do is pray it go.
If to be left wracked and wrecked, don’t be long.

At times endure a ferocious duststorm,
languishing on the ground when it is gone.


Craziness to an amazing extent.
Ignorance and venality combined.
Emperors, down this path, quite often went.
Current ones, too, may be of unsound mind.

Traits of malignancy and negligence
in the modern-day Nero’s on display.
Complacency, one of the elements,
whilst inadequacy, too, cause dismay.

That pernicious and vindictive, common.
Aspects of dictators and autocrats.
But lunacy is an extra burden.
All sorts of weirdness presented as facts.

Psychologically unfit to rule.
Call to inject bleach into one or all.

Week 6
Week 8