People kill themselves for money worries.
See no way out from debt devastation.
Don’t hear that fact in the commentaries.
Rarely given as sole explanation.

But losing one’s home intolerable.
The complete wreckage of how been living.
The consequences seen as horrible,
with no hope possible of forgiving.

The debt arrangers construct the coffin.
Ruthless in their utter severity.
High interest rates, and bailiffs put in.
No more loans of course, inevitably.

And income too low from work or welfare
to pay bills. And blamed by those who don’t care.


The Ghost of Slavery still haunts the land
in the manner of racist attitudes.
From mouths embodying this, talk extends.
In thinking, better than black, white acts crude.

No nobility in the words spoken,
Although they’re from the slave-traders made rich.
Abuse of Empire, … thank goodness broken…,
abides with voicing of their racist pitch.

Newspapers still use it incessantly.
Virtually direct, the dog-whistle,
slurring the immigrant and refugee.
Expressing ghoul’s grunts made permissible.

History, of which few now care to boast.
Yet racist legacy, slavery’s ghost.


They come from a murderous tradition,
the American white supremacists.
Theirs a history of imposition.
Domination of colonialists.

Native Americans all but wiped out,
in what is now known as a genocide.
With guns, it was not even a fair fight.
The ‘other’ race, simply could not abide.

And the same attitude taken forward
into the slave trade, and with slavery.
Racial prejudice, thereby recorded,
and assumed that it is ever to be.

Powerful allies to perpetuate
inequality based on racial hate.


Equality, with difference. That is
my ideology. Equality.
Greed for elites; little for the masses.
Never enough, individually.

That is the fact in this society.
Its liberal ‘freedom’ means, for many,
impoverishment. Notoriety,
if extent known, amidst all the plenty.

Biblical view, and in the Rights of Man,
that men … should be women too …born equal.
Should be treated so, over their lifespan.
But force makes an opposite system rule.

Difference, but Equality, for all.
It can be done. They are compatible.


It is insane. We live in a madhouse.
Lunatics have made this an asylum.
Pretend they’re sensible, but have no nous.
Wrong! At least there’s that we can rely on.

The purpose of their power is malign.
Crazy in their support of privilege.
This underlies all they do, all the time.
Don’t care if damage human heritage.

On the wrong track; the road to disaster.
With wilful madness, refuse to turn back.
Indeed, they determine to go faster.
Ignoring, for as long as can, the fact;

which is about risk to humanity.
Carry on regardless. Insanity.


So many children. So many terrors.
There’s 420 million
live in conflict-affected areas.
Acts of warfare threatening to kill them.

That is one in five of all the world’s youth.
Aerial bombardments, ethnic cleansing,
ground battles, landmines. That’s the sordid truth.
All decent morality offending.

In addition to those killed, many maimed,
orphaned, separated from their parents,
left homeless, made refugee. Unexplained,
even though traumatised, as not make sense.

As an atrocity, this is immense.
And what does the world think the consequence?


Plenty to appal on this ship of fools.
At sea, with the ‘merchant’ incompetents.
Don’t seem to know the basic sailing rules,
or the direction to go which makes sense.

They are turning it into a ghost ship,
doomed to sail the oceans meaninglessly.
I suppose I was born to make this trip.
But not think abandoned with them, I’d be.

The captain and the crew act erratic.
Disposed of the lifeboats; cast overboard.
‘Know what they’re doing’, their claims emphatic.
But with their ‘panic’, this does not accord.

Getting lower, by the day, with our stocks.
Now the ship’s sailing closer to the rocks.


Such sadness I feel for the Yemenis.
Victims of a monstrous war policy.
Saudis have picked on them as enemies,
and inflicted a huge atrocity.

Deaths imposed by bombardment and blockade.
Preventable famine as a weapon.
Massive misery that is human-made.
All-the-while, arms sales countries’ deception.

Pretending not an abomination;
not a near-genocidal involvement.
A crime. No other interpretation.
The mass killing. It is meant. It is meant.

Our leaders pretend we’re on the sidelines,
but complicit. They’re allies with sick minds.


A manichean, binary, mindset,
the cold war rivalry then, and still now.
Its dominance giving cause for regret.
Its usurping of peace, should disavow.

So deep set, as a permanence, engrained,
the other the eternal enemy.
Attribute of a certainty attained.
Those in doubt of it, lack integrity;

the necessary patriotism,
and understanding of the obvious.
But it’s really an anachronism.
To justify own system, its purpose.

Deemed to be necessary, tribally.
Our rulers or ‘them’. False choice, binary.


Both have that easy American charm.
Both that warm, confident, roundness of voice.
Beauty that, easily, a man disarm.
Their careers pursued. Their purposeful choice.

One an actress, so she could imitate
the other’s mannerisms and bearing.
To her part’s personality relate;
her character and demeanour, sharing.

But there is a hard edge to the subject.
Understandable, with all that been through.
Soaring highs, but disappointments abject.
Abuse taken, barely containable.

If capture this Hillary, by some means,
Elizabeth would be great on our screens.

Some Love and Women Poems
Overheard (sort of) Ones