All systems go, ready for the action.
Ready to set off, and to reach the park.
With my dogs, suitable interaction.
It is light now, it is no longer dark.

The morning has come and we are ready,
to leave home, and to set off down the hill.
In the green open space, we soon will be.
Don’t mind the cold, we’re dressed against the chill.

In the moment prior to departure,
I call myself “a dog ready human”.
We know our route, no need to go farther.
In this routine we’re rock-steady as one.

So off we go. Now we are on our way.
It is the way we start another day.


Talking in code pretty regularly.
Cushioning the bluntness of the meaning.
Otherwise, deemed too sharp, incredibly,
the attitude of mind which revealing.

Presented with degree of encryption.
Still forthright, but in an artistic mode.
May, or may not, need further description,
the expression put out there, to be told.

Straight-talking seems a lesser influence.
Don’t want to be lectured as though told-off.
Is just opinion, in innocence.
This, like water on a duck’s back, rolls off.

And yet a poem can, perhaps, design
to convey purpose which is meant, in rhyme.

Some Love and Women Poems