Am I just to let Death sweep me away?
That may well be what happens in this plague.
Be one of the numbers, one nearby day.
My life be then not even a blank page.

In mind, have what it takes for survival.
In normal times, my resistance pay-off.
But this a contagion that’s powerful.
If it gets to me, I could end-up ‘stuffed’

‘Blown away’ is the phrase from those old films.
In them, that describes gangster violence.
This virus could kill … blow away … millions.
I seem powerless to its virulence.

May not be possible, my life to save.
Death take me, and dump me in a mass grave.


It takes your breath away, the infection.
And ventilators are in short supply.
There is this lung-attacking dimension,
which means they can’t process the air supply.

Can but gasp at the horror unfolding.
Who thought letting this loose was a good wheeze?
Biochem lab lost it, I imagine,
to spread through the world as monstrous disease.

The fear of it is anticipation
that will have the need for respiration,
but will experience desperation
at the lack of damage-limitation.

The preparations were barely begun,
so holding your breath, the only option.


Delineation of days of the week
barely matters in this situation.
No differentiation, ‘which to speak
No separation for conversation.

All the days are the same. All the days merge.
Specific day diary commitments
are abandoned. Forthcoming meetings purged.
Due to circumstances, not disint’rest.

The Romans had 8. The Egyptians 10.
The Babylonians who chose 7.
It was their week which became standard then.
Their calculations based on the heavens.

But in current times, my week has become
indistinguishable days, as if one.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms.
Most of the newsreaders seem to have them.
Although the trauma’s ongoing, it seems;
the reports of plague not about to end.

I can see that they have to endure shock.
The death preparations, and deaths, shocking.
Some way, personally, have to take stock,
as the consequences are not stopping.

It likely mean, one’s they know taken ill.
Family, loved ones and friends. Some could die.
Own vulnerability may reveal.
On being unaffected, can’t rely.

Of sound mind to read the news, but can’t block
all the horror. Hence PTSD shock


Humans think they are masters of the Earth.
It is hubris, and unsustainable.
Can be brought down by a microbe, or worse,
killed. Pandemic affecting one and all.

How silly to think that invincible,
as an individual or species.
But this outlook blindingly typical,
until we come crashing down in pieces.

For there are more things in heaven and earth
that can overcome ‘mans’ puny defence,
making ‘his’ bullets and bombs of no worth,
other than to cause loss at own expense.

Wrong to think we are of such distinction,
can always save ourselves from extinction.


Humans nil, microbe one, the current score.
Pretty obvious we have to do more.
It is not a game, though, that is for sure.
But we must not be behind anymore.

Losing has devastating consequence.
We have to keep it out. We have to block.
As of now, it seems to have dominance.
Has the run on us, but that has to stop.

Long way to go. We’ve only just started.
But we have to raise our game instantly.
Some on our side already downhearted.
For us, though, defeat can’t possibly be.

Right now, the situation spells danger.
We’ll have to come-up with a game-changer.


I will be lucky to get through the year,
and if do, the year after that as well,
for the coronavirus, it is clear,
kills. The fear of that I cannot dispel.

For it is incredibly infectious,
affecting millions across the globe.
No wonder, then, it makes me feel anxious,
as no cure or antidote is yet known.

Human scientists are dedicated.
May very well find a vaccine quite soon.
But, couple of years, it’s estimated,
before here for public use, it’s assumed.

It’s a matter of living with the threat,
for those couple of years, if fate will let.


Incumbent on me to avoid people.
Stay away from them. Clear distance apart.
Warnings are, could become extremely ill,
so must take this safety message to heart.

I know it’s a virulent infection,
passed on by those who have it already.
Not yet any medical protection,
hence the space between, so can pass safely.

Likely, I do not have immunity,
as it’s thought those who’ve had the sickness do.
Their resistance, it is assumed to be,
by antibodies. That’s the miracle.

Without, contact is dangerous for me;
so I’m anti- body physically.


The numbers, endlessly ‘fascinating’.
Endlessly rising from the day before.
Death tolls displayed, as if commentating.
But are comment enough. No need for more.

Those in this country for the day just gone.
Cumulative total from the start, too.
Also, extent the plague still going strong,
with infectious total; adding those new.

Then there’s deaths by region, city, borough.
Note the figure for my own area.
Other States statistics to uncover
their projections. Compare with where we are.

‘Fascination’ as sort of ‘aghast awe’.
However reasoned, following the score.


The carrier may be symptomatic,
showing the symptoms of cough and fever.
But may also be asymptomatic.
Seemingly well, being the deceiver.

Can infect those who has had contact with,
whilst unaware that spreading the disease.
A proper test would show up positive,
but until feel ill, it thought there’s no need.

Lots of people are peripatetic,
and as they walk around, breathe, splutter, touch.
If with the virus, others may catch it,
if in the vicinity, close enough.

Through contact, virus spread, systematic.
Symptomatic or asymptomatic.


It is as if an ant poison put down,
and causing a mass extermination.
Bodies of those affected all around.
Lifeless shells, upon examination.

The loss endured, and the insects rebuild.
For those destroyed, it is catastrophic.
Played their part alive, now from life expelled.
The power of death, on them, despotic.

The virus challenges many anthills.
Human ones. Cities and further afield.
Threat to the inhabitants is revealed,
via bio-concoction that will kill.

Survivors who escape from its horror,
their role becomes to help to recover.


A furlough is not an eighth of a mile.
That is a furlong, as it is measured.
No, this is being off work for a while.
A leave of absence, allowed or pressured.

The workers’ long-term skills need not forego.
Basically, retained for better times.
Perhaps on full-pay, more likely below.
Still with employer, employee aligned.

There is this difference with a lay-off.
That is job-loss, perhaps temporary.
May be re-hired, may not, once been paid-off.
Boss decides what thinks is necessary.

In this crisis, government is paying
furlough wages, hoping jobs then staying.

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